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Jane Fonda is an actress, and activist, and a downright icon. Born to legendary actor Henry Fonda, she was Hollywood royalty from the start. But she made it clear from the get go that she was her personal particular person, who was going to foster her personal profession and personal opinions.

And boy, did she. Jane has been arrested numerous instances for her activism, stretching again to the Sixties and the Vietnam War. Throughout these completely different eras of her profession, and her life, she’s switched up her look majorly.

In the Sixties, she appeared just like the lady subsequent door: cute sweaters, pearls, good hair. With the Nineteen Seventies, she grew into tousled and carefree hairdos and informal outfits. The Eighties? You already comprehend it: large permed hair and neon exercise gear, 24/7. And now? She’s the epitome of timeless grace.

To see images of Jane Fonda by way of the years, then and now, scroll by way of this gallery! 

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